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I haven't been posting much here, Nor have I been on messenger. My room has been vacant, My cats left to their own devices with plenty of food and water... But where have I been, If not in my room?

Why, At the Arena, Of course! No. Actually, The Hobby Shop was closing down for good. The owner couldn't be there very often, And all the money was going towards the hired help. There was money to be made of course, But only for someone who has enough time, Enough care, Knowledge, And money to get the place back up on it's feet and keep the particular niche filled.

You can see where this is going, Can't you? Yup, I've bought my local Hobby shop, Spent a week getting the appropriate regulations and taxes filed, And stepped in as business owner. It's taken up so much time that, Well.... I haven't gotten the chance to tell many people yet! My friends, Family, And the regulars know. The usual customers have already met me, Though they don't know how I identify.

I'm hoping to spend the next week working on getting distributors and a Card Reader ready for the Holiday shopping and, Hopefully, Get a few starting sets of stuff that hasn't ever been sold here.

It's been hard work so far, But so rewarding. ^-^ I'll keep you all updated on how the next few weeks go, Maybe post a few pictures. Only time will tell!
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Karen Hunstable
United States
Shortened term for Biology.

I'm Human. o.o Silly silly Deviantart.

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DanceAndMakeRomance Feb 23, 2013
Hey cutie pie, whatre you up to tonight?
'Ave a bloody good Valentines, love.
PhotoBoy101 Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You've been tagged
PhotoBoy101 Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch :3
Randomly clicked on a new picture you took and saw you were also in Texas from your profile. So hello
How are you doing? ^ 3^
Also you have some very pretty pictures took bit of a look at your gallery.
Good. And thank you! ^-^
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